Frequently Asked Questions


Do i have to register opening day?

No! But to have the best chance at selecting the days/times you want, registering on opening day is your best shot to get those times! Just becauseyou register on opening day, does not mean you have to start lessons right away, you can select your start date. 

Do we have to swim all summer?

No! When you register, I ask that you select repeating every week. That way that time slot is yours, if you choose to stop before the end of the season, no problem. We will open that time back up once your lessons stop. 

what if we go on vacation?

No problem!! It is never too early to tell me when you will be gone, I just take you of the schedule for the days/weeks you will be gone!

what if my child screams, cries and/or says "no" the entire lesson?

IT IS OKAY! I know it is painful for your heart to hear your little one scream and cry, but I want to assure you this is NORMAL during the first lesson or first few. It is a new, intimidating skill they're being introduced to, and depending on age they already reconize fear with water. I am used to the screams and cries and have many tricks up my sleeve to calm their nerves and reassure them that they're safe! What I do ask, is that you please do not stop attending lessons because your child screams or cries for the first few, I know it is hard, but if you stop lessons and try to restart at a later date or the next swim season I PROMISE it is going to be even tougher because they remember the fear from before. We will get through the toughest of fits and tantrums!! 

how do i pay?

You Pay at the end of each lesson or you can pay for the month id youe prefer. Venmo, Paypal, Cash and checks are all accepted. 8 pack refresh must be paid in full at the end of first lesson